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By now you are probably aware that Nexia is the first hearing aid on the market that is Auracast ready. All manufacturers will be adding this technology to their future generations of aids but we are ready now. We are future-proofing your patients with regard to a great listening experience.

In fact, our new TV Steamer broadcasts in Auracast. But what is Auracast and when will it be available? Auracast is made possible by Bluetooth Low Energy Audio (BLEA). Classic Bluetooth was invented in 1999. What other current audio technologies have been around since then? So BLEA is the new standard that will quickly make its way into phones, TVs, computers, etc. This is already in some products and will quickly make its way into others.

Auracast uses that technology to be able to broadcast Audio to many people at once. Instead of public venues being looped with a wire, an Auracast transmitter box is used to bathe that space in audio capable of being received by anyone having an Auracast capable device. This includes hearing aids, earbuds, headphones, etc. And you can share any Audio you are listening to with someone else. So if you're watching a movie on your tablet you can also have them hear it wirelessly.

Auracast transmission devices are starting to hit the market now so your patients are going to want aids that are compatible.

Here is a link which demonstrates what Auracast is and how it works.

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  • Posted: November 30, 2023

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  • Category: Hearing Aids