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Hearing Testimonials

Read what our patients have to say about us.

I wanted to write you to express my heartfelt gratitude for choosing me to receive the Resound hearing aids. The hearing aids are a huge blessing! I needed new hearing aids, but was unable to afford them. You cannot imagine how frustrating it is to only hear a few words in a sentence when people are speaking to you, or listening to the sermon on Sundays. Hearing is one of the things you tend to take for granted when you have it; you don't realize how essential it is until you lose it.

I am extremely grateful that my name was chosen, and that Stephen Grant submitted my name to begin with. Most of all, I am very thankful that I can hear much better with the Resound hearing aids; it has greatly improved my family and social interactions.

Thank you again, and God bless!

I needed a new hearing aid in February 2021. My insurance carrier recommended True Hearing. I was very hesitant to try a new place as I had always gone to an ear, nose & throat Dr. and the Audiologist was in the same office. With much hesitation I called Suburban Hearing in Harleysville that is when I met Steven Grant!

I cannot say enough about Steven. He is extremely knowledgeable, through and caring. He listened to everything I had t say. He then went over and beyond everything I needed to know what would solve my needs. When I left the office I knew more about my hearing and hearing device then I had know oveerthe last 10 years.

I now have a hearing device in the ear they said I couldn't use one, It is called cross hearng and sends what is said on that side of my ear to the hearing aid on the other side. Before I would say don't sit on that side. Again I cannot thank or tell anyone enough about Steven Grant

Today, I made my first visit to his Maple Glen office and found him very knowledgeable and capable, and purchased hearing aids. I recommend him.

Getting a hearing instrument is a bit scary. . . I had to finally acknowledge I was older and I had a loss of hearing (actually, I had had for man years). Plus it is invasive - we're talking about things poking into your ears.

But I made the right choice working with Steven Grant. He let me take my time and was obviously an advocate for my hearing/health and what was best for me. Even though he makes his money "SELLING" me something, I never, ever thought his sales goal was more important than his care for me as his patient.

In my opinion, a true professional. I am in my first few weeks with a ReSound instrument that is actually amazing - so many features and good thinking went into this. We're not talking Costco here -- this is a terrific product. And I it only is worth while because of Steven Grant and his professional care.

Steven Grant is the best ear doctor I've ever been to. Helpful and always answers my questions. I hope things continue as well as they have thus far...still trying to get use to the adjustment of hearing again.

Just want to thank Steven for the outstanding service given to me with my hearing aids. He went over and beyond in the terms of device and caring and solving my problems. I would highly recommend him for anyone in need of hearings. Thanks again.

Rose Barnes

Rose Barnes celebrated her 100th birthday on January 14th.