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We repair hearing aids in Maple Glen, PA & Harleysville, PA

Hearing Aid Repair

Like any other electronic equipment, hearing aids are prone to the usual wear and tear of everyday life. This is why it is important to care for your hearing aids to extend their longevity. The usual problems with hearing aids are generally easy to fix, such as changing batteries or cleaning dirt and dust out of them. You can even purchase warranties that cover routine maintenance costs for your hearing aids.

The general problems that are part of hearing aids is the accumulation of earwax and dirt, damage to the delicate parts such as the microphone or amplifier, and battery problems. Engaging in routine daily care for your hearing aids will help keep these simple problems at bay. This includes cleaning your hearing aids periodically, storing them in air tight containers when not in use, and avoiding direct contact with moisture.

In the event that your warranty expires before you get a chance to repair your hearing aids, you can still have them repaired by your hearing instrument specialist for a nominal fee. At times you can even renew a one year warranty based on this repair cost. Hearing aids help improve your quality of life, so the next time you have issues with your hearing aids, do not neglect to have them fixed.