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LiNX 3D - The first wireless CIC made by ReSound

LiNX 3D - The first wireless CIC made by ReSound

LiNX 3D - The first wireless CIC made by ReSound

ReSound has recently released its first wireless CIC. It is in the 3D product line and features:

  • Wireless programming via Noahlink Wireless
  • Ear-to-Ear communication
  • Made for Apple direct streaming
  • Smart 3D app compatible
  • Wireless accessory connectivity
  • Display on connect with Smart Fit 1.4 (required)
  • Only available in MP or HP power levels
  • Standard 10a battery
    • The battery life of the ReSound LiNX 3D wireless CIC is consistent with the non-wireless version without streaming. Battery life will be impacted in a similar manner as any other zinc-air hearing instruments that utilize streaming.

The loop on the faceplate is an antenna which has been reinforced enough for it to double as a removal handle if the patient doesn't like a removal string.

Since the chip size has to be a bit bigger the size of the device will depend a lot on the size of the patient's canal. If their canal is small it may be more like a very small ITC but for many will be CIC size.

There is currently a short backorder due to the much larger than expected demand but that should be resolved within a week or two.

There is currently no order form for it so select ITC and in the comments section indicate you want the wireless CIC POLA. That stands for Pull Out Loop Antenna. We will build that as small as we can.

  • Posted: January 23, 2019

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