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Limited Time Offer - Suburban Hearing Aid Center

Limited Time Offer

February 1-25, 2022

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be romantic, but you might lose sight of that if you’re struggling to hear one another. Effortless social hearing is now possible thanks to recent advancements in hearing aid technologies. You will be able to enjoy conversations with family and friends in varied social settings. What better time than NOW to invest in yourself AND your loved ones and choose to live your best life. Pick up the phone and schedule your hearing assessment during our Exclusive Valentine’s Day Event.

Do you find yourself asking others to repeat themselves? Do you prefer the volume of the television louder than others? Do you struggle to hear on the telephone or on live video chats? Whether you currently wear hearing aids or not, we have an Exclusive Event just for you!

PLEASE JOIN US Now through February 25th For This Exclusive Valentine’s Day Event!

When you come in you will receive these COMPLIMENTARY SERVICES:

  • FREE Assessment
  • FREE Product Demonstration
  • $500 OFF any two premium hearing aids
  • FREE box of Asher’s Chocolates

Contact our appointment desk today - RSVP by calling (215) 712-1700. Appointments are limited and there is no cost for this limited-time event!

How Can Better Hearing Improve Your Life? — Better hearing can improve your social, mental and physical health:

  • Relationships — Improve hearing will help you maintain the relationships you value the most be strengthening your ability to communicate with loves ones.
  • Physical Health — According to a recent study, 21% of those questioned exercised more after buying hearing aids, and 69% felt that their hearing aids had a positive effect on their overall health.
  • Mental Health — Researchers have linked hearing loss with depression, memory issues, and an increased risk of developing Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Thankfully, studies have also shown that using hearing aids can reverse or prevent many of these issues.

Our number one priority is the health, safety and comfort of our patients and staff! Please call our office with any questions on our latest safety procedures. (215) 712-1700

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*$10 Weis Markets Gift Card. Upon Completion of Hearing Evaluation.